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Highest Echelon

A personal finance blog. Paying for my University, life and eventually achieving financial freedom.

Prosper.com: I'm the 20th best!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

For the longest time I was trapped in between 40th and 50th place in terms of Return On Investment at Prosper.com. This morning my rank jumped up to 20th place out of 18,224! (Yes, some lenders even have a negative ROI.)

I currently have an awesome Return on Investment of 21.96%. I can thank the loan that I closed at 28% with a B credit rating.

While I'm having a great deal of luck and fun at Prosper, it's important to remember that I could loose everything if A) Prosper goes under (the money is not FDIC insured) or B) if everyone decides to stop making payments (I have yet to have anyone miss a payment for more than 15 days).

Good luck and happy bidding. (Remember it only takes $50 to bid.)



posted by johnwilkx, 12:00 PM


Dear Highest Echelon,

Thank you for being such a great Lender on Prosper.com.

Lenders like you are inspiring and continue to be a great example of the power of people to people lending.

I work on the Prosper Stories site:

Based off of your blog posts and rankings, I would like to extend the opportunity to feature you and your success on this webpage:

If you are interested, please email me back with your success story, and a desired photo.

Stories are generally 250 words long, and can include part of your group profile description:

I look forward to sharing your story on Prosper.com

Thank You.

Prosper Marketplace, Inc
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, Tue Jun 12, 02:28:00 PM 2007  

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Thanks for giving us a great blog. Good luck on your quest for financial freedom!

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