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I Broke Down and Got Something by Kiyosaki

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

For the most part, the blogger consensus on Kiyosaki is that he is nothing more than a good salesman. "We" feel that he uses tired old cliches that have been around since way before Kiyosaki wrote about them.

Still, I decided to get Rich Dad Poor Dad. Since I didn't want to waste money, I borrowed it from the library. And since I didn't want to waste time, I got the audiobook on tape. I'll be listening to Kiyosaki as I drive to work and while I'm cooking. Maybe even at the gym.

posted by johnwilkx, 1:48 PM


Wilks, I have heard good things about the book (and not so good things about Kiyosaki). But as I look at books, even if you get just one good idea from it that you can use, it will be worth it.
Rich Dad Poor Dad is by far the best book by Kiyosaki. I actually liked it for the most part. I've read the two sequels, and they were horrible.
It's an easy read...and mildly motivating...HOWEVER...a lot of the information in that book is wrong or illegal to implement as written. Take the information presented with a grain of salt. Also, Kiyosaki's credentials are HIGHLY suspect. He's basically a fraud that made his "fortune" selling books and audiotapes through Amway.

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