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Highest Echelon

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Prosper.com: Here's how to check how much money your fellow bloggers have invested.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Prosper.com has funded over $58,000,000 in loans and has over a quarter million users!

Have you ever wondered how much money your fellow PF bloggers have invested on Prosper.com? Have you ever wondered how your diversification stacks up to others? Or maybe you are worried about how safe Prosper is and want to see if others are loosing money due to delinquent loans.

Eric's Credit Community is a great place for answers. You can check lender, borrower stats, and group stats. You can even look up your own rank to see how you stack up to other investors.

If you know someone's username (let's say your favorite PF blogger) you can even compare how much they have invested, where it's invested, and if any loans are delinquent.


posted by johnwilkx, 6:11 PM


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