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Highest Echelon

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Here's What I'm Doing With Prosper Right Now

Monday, November 06, 2006

Not too much is happening with Prosper.com right now. But I'll share what I'm bidding on.

  • We don't want to have to choose! Credit rating of AA with 0 delinquencies. Current apr is at 20.99%. They are not part of a group, but I already emailed them about that. I bid $50.
  • Initial Medical Expenses Credit rating of B with 1 current delinquency but no past delinquencies. Current apr is at 25.50%. Homeownership not verify and I sent her an email about that. I bid $50.
posted by johnwilkx, 8:05 AM



Thanks for your posts on Prosper.com.

Your posts show you have had a great experience with Prosper.com loans. I had been considering making some loans on Prosper.com, but decided not to based one blogger reporting 1 out a 10 of his loans going into default immediately. Since I like the idea of small loans to help others, I may reconsider since your results have been excellent so far.
I just checken my Prosper account. I still have 0 defaults. And in the last month I farther restricted who I lend to. I now require that borrowers are part of a group and have fewer late payments than I would have accepted a few months ago.

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