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Highest Echelon

A personal finance blog. Paying for my University, life and eventually achieving financial freedom.

Happy (belated) Halloween!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Happy (belated) Halloween! I just got back from my week long trip. One of the stops was Salem, Massachusetts on Halloween evening. I had a really great time and I got a lot of complements on my costume. I was the Phantom of the Opera. I got compliments like: "Yo, Phantom of the Opera. What's up!?" I think I was the only Phantom that didn't go without a girl.

For girls the most popular costume this year (and every other year) was the slutty nurse or firefighter. Lots of short skirts and exposed cleavage.

For guys the most popular costume (and I can only assume this trend will continue) was the gangsta. Lots of huge fake gold chains and unshaven faces. These were great, so believable.

Besides driving the wrong way onto the 128 onramp because of one bent roadsign, I had a great time!
posted by johnwilkx, 12:47 PM


It's good to hear you were having fun. I was wondering about why you had no posts after Oct 31..and was trying to connect the dots with a bad scare on Halloween :)

Btw, I those small pictures that you put with your posts...that looks good and inviting.
Thanks Golburu. It's me looking up towards "The Highest Echelon" of my personal finances.

It will soon be replaced by a halloween picture of me looking up towards the moon dressed as the Phantom.

(looking down is boring)

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