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Did You Vote? Britney Spears Probably Didn't

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It's November 7th. And in an attempt to outstage others once again, Britney Spears files a petition for divorce from Kevin Federline. Normally I don't really care, but I feel they could have held on to those news for 1 more day. It seems more like a diversionary tactic aimed at drawing attention away from the vote than anything else. Where have all the voters gone?
posted by johnwilkx, 7:10 PM


Found your blog via pfblogs.org. Sorry to hear about your late Prosper loan, hope it catches up.

I think you need to check the HTML in your "menu" div--the link for the RSS feed doesn't seem to have a closing A tag and it makes the entire page clickable (kind of hard to navigate sometimes).
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, Wed Nov 08, 12:37:00 AM 2006  
My site looks horrible on Internet Explorer, I know. I've added the A tag but it still doesnt resolve the issue of the sidebars being way down on the lower right of the page. If anyone knows how to fix that, I'm all ears.
I think you may have hit on something--this whole time we have been fighting the war on terror in Iraq, but we should really be fighting it here at home against Britney!

Yeah, what's up with that?

This week's most important news stories:

1. Britney files for divorce.

2. Democrats gain majority in Congress.

3. Rumsfeld resigns.

Why do those have equal weight? What a crazy country America is.

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