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Guy Pays $100,000 for Spacestation, Expects to Make $1.6 Million Annually!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Entropia Universe is a computer game that uses a Real Cash Economy. Meaning that the items and gear in the game are bought with real United States currency. Why would someone pay real money for a bunch of pixels? More importantly why would Jon Jacobs pay $100,000 for a virtual spacestation?

Jacobs argues that if David Storey can buy an undeveloped virtual island for $26,500 and make a profit, a spacestation would be the next step.

Once a virtual profit has been made, Entropia Universe users can convert their virtual earning to real money by using the in game interface and withdraw.

By using the Entropia Universe Cash Card you can instantly convert your virtual PED into real-life cash.

Welcome to the future. It's virtual.

posted by johnwilkx, 9:01 PM


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