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Highest Echelon

A personal finance blog. Paying for my University, life and eventually achieving financial freedom.

A 3 Part Review of Prosper.com is Coming!

Friday, October 06, 2006

At first I thought I might write a little review about Prosper.com. However, I simply had too many thoughts. So I've decided to write a 3 part review!

The first part is a general overview. That's something you can read on Prosper's website. The second part is a more in depth review (since I've been an active lender for months now). That's something you can read on any blog that lends to Prosper. The third part is as in depth as possible! I'll reveal how much I have invested, what my rate of return is, how much risk I foresee, and what I've learned. I'll even post a snapshot of my portfolio!

Until then, I put up a little meter on the top right of this page to gauge the current principle amount I have used to fund Prosper loans.

I welcome any and all questions you may have about Prosper.com.

posted by johnwilkx, 2:31 PM


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