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Want Free Money? Just Ask!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I had 2 insufficient funds charges on my primary brick and mortar checking account last month. I accidently authorized 2 withdrawels into my HSBC online savings which put my checking into negative. First insufficient funds charge! I caught it as the transaction was pending, but I couldnt stop it in time. I immediatly transfered back enough to cover it but that money was still 2 - 4 days in transit. While my account was already in the negative Prosper.com took some more money. Second insufficient funds charge! I would have been just fine if that second HSBC withdrawel hadent gone through.

This happened a month ago. I got pissed, lifted some weights, and cut my losses. But then I got an idea. I've gotten my way before just by asking in the past. A few months ago when I got my new glasses, I asked if the maker would wave the $10 charge for polishing the sides of the lenses. He agreed.

So why shouldnt I ask for 1 insufficient funds charge back?! I got these curtesy checks from HSBC (I also have one of their credit cards) which are 0% apr for a year and I filled it out for $1000. I went to see the teller supervisor and had her pull up my account. She noted the 2 insufficietn funds charges and the withdrawel from HSBC that put my account in the negative and was unwilling to refund even 1 of the IFC. She told me that HSBC should refund my charge.

That's when I pulled out my check and calmly explained to her that I pay for my HSBC credit card with my HSBC savings account which gets funded from my primary checking. I showed her the check and told her I had been in contact with HSBC trying to figure this out for weeks now and HSBC simply took too much. The check was HSBC's way of making it up to me. It was a check for $1000 of BRAND NEW MONEY for my brick and mortar bank. At this point she agreed to refund 1 charge.

It's not much, but it's free, and tax free, oh and it's free.

(That $1000 will be in my checking for 2-4 days, just as long as it takes to transfer to my Emigrant Direct Online Savings.)
posted by johnwilkx, 1:33 PM


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