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Applying for credit line increases

Saturday, September 23, 2006

I've applied for credit line increases on all my credit cards. Here's what I wrote a little while back:

I've decided to start asking for credit line increases on all my credit cards every 3 months or so. It doesnt require a hard pull unless it's a discover and it's over 15,000.

One person comments:

I have several cards with $20k credit limits. The key is that some credit issuers automatically grant you a credit line equal to your current highest limit.

What I did:
Applied for ATT Universal card, got approved at about $5k.
Opened second ATT card (5% back offer), started around $7k.

I then used the online "credit limit request" about every 3 months, which eventually got me to about $9k and $10k.

I then combined the credit limits, and so I had one card with a limit about $19k.

Then I started applying for other cards. Each card *matched* my highest credit limit. I got an AMEX, then a Bank One card, then an MBNA card, all stared at around $20k
posted by johnwilkx, 3:45 PM


Once I have exceed my limit and had to pay penalty fees. So, the conclusion-don't overspend!

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